First bad day

I woke up this morning with plans to ride up my first pass today, but at soon as I got on the bike, my knee left knee started hurting. I left John Day, Oregon around 11 and made it to the next town over, Prairie City. I got here around 12 and sent a text to someone from the website warm, which hosts bicycle tourists. I hung out in town for a while under an awning, and it started pouring rain. Eventually, my host responded to my text. He wasn’t home, but he was nice enough to let me go into his house and wait for him to get off work. When I grabbed my bike to head to his house, one of the gears got caught on a planter and now it won’t shift to the lowest gear. I haven’t used that gear much yet, so its not a huge deal, but it still kind of sucks. When the dude got home, he told me I could put my bike in the backyard. When I was wheeling it back there, a bungee chord got caught in my other set of gears. I was pretty pissed as it seemed like it was just one thing after another. I decided to go to town and get dinner and hoped I wouldn’t break my leg walking there or choke on my food. I ate a good dinner and then came back to the dudes house and was able to cut the bungee chord out. What happens tomorrow totally depends on how knee feels in the morning. I might take the bus back to John Day in the morning and get a motel room to give my knee another day of rest. Or I might just take a bus all the way to Baker City to the nearest bike shop and get my bike fixed. I really wanted to ride up the next few passes because they are small and would be good practice. I’ll see how my knee feels in the morning and go from there.


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