Transamerica Bicycle Race and John Day Fossil beds

On Monday, I woke up around 6 at the Spoke’n

hostel. I went downstairs and had breakfast with some of the racers. After breakfast, I asked Pat, one of the owners, if there was anything I could do to help out while I waited for the 6 o’clock bus to Dayville to roll into Mitchell. He said to just hangout out front, greet the racers, and show them around. There was a few other people there to help out including a girl from the bike shop in Prineville that I had previously visited. I talked to the other volunteers while racers kept stopping in. This was the 4th year of the transamerica bicycle race. Each year, more and more people have been participating. Last year, there was 50 racers. And this year there was 130. I left the hostel around 5:30 to go wait for the bus and said goodbye to all of the people I had met.

I took the bus to Dayville, and then came to the local church which also acts as a hostel. When I arrived, there was a racer here from Canada, but he was just there to rest as he was having heart issues. He left shortly after I got there and was headed 20 miles out of town to a hospital to get checked out. I was alone at the hostel until around 10 when 2 more racers showed up. Their names where Laura, a young girl around 25 from Latvia, and Patrick, an older man from Belgium. We talked for a bit, and I showed them where the shower and wifi password was. About half an hour after they arrived, two more racers showed up. John was a funny middle-aged man from Liverpool, and Mike was a 27 year old from Las Vegas. There is a washer and dryer at the hostel, so I did some laundry for the first time since I left. None of us had many clothes, so Laura, Patrick and I threw our clothes in there together to make a load. I stayed up talking to John until around 12:30 and then went to sleep. This hostel is a lot an smaller than the one in Mitchell, and there aren’t any beds, so we all slept on our sleeping mats on the floor.

Everyone woke up around 5:30, and I made pancakes for John, Mike, and myself. Patrick and Laura were the first to hit the road, and John left shortly after them. Mike hung out until around 8, and then he also left. I started getting my day pack ready to go check out the John Day Fossil Beds, which are about 12 miles out of town. Right when I was about to leave, a few ladies showed up to have bible study here at the church. I left most my gear here, and headed out to the fossil beds. It was a huge difference riding without all that weight on my bike. I went to the museum first, looked around, bought some postcards, and asked a ranger about the nearby hiking trails. I rode a few more miles to the blue basin trails and went on a short mile and a half hike. I rode back to the museum and rested for a bit before heading back to Dayville. When I had left Dayville earlier in the morning, the heat wasn’t to bad. By the time I was riding back to town, it was 82 degrees and rising. I was drained by the time I got back to the hostel, so I rolled my sleeping mat back out and took a nap. I’m going to stay here again tonight, and then hit the road early in the morning to beat the heat.

My private room at the Spoke’n Hostel
Dayville Church Hostel

Live baby chickens outside a store in Dayville
Old building in Mitchell, Oregon
Racers outside of the Spoke’n Hostel
The racer’s bikes
John Day Fossil Beds
The road to John Day Fossil Beds
John Day Fossil Beds Museum/information center
John Day Fossil Beds
Fossil Beds

John Day Fossil Beds

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