Hitchbiking and Recap of the trip so far.

So, I’ve been on the rode for 5 days now. In my last post, I didn’t really write much about the ride because I was trying to update the blog from my crappy laptop, and it was being a pain in the ass, so I got frustrated and just posted the Smith Rock pics without saying much about the trip so far. 

On the first day, I was running on only 4 hours of sleep. I made it from Sisters, Oregon to Smith Rock, Oregon which is between 25 to 30 miles. I was beat by the time I got to the campground. Check out my Smith Rock post to read more about that place. I stayed at Smith Rock campground for 2 nights. 

I left the campground early Friday morning and headed to Prineville Oregon. I got a little lost along the way, but figured my way back on route pretty quickly. I stopped at a museum with old cars and army stuff to ask directions. They were closed when I got there, but when I sat down at a picnic table, I was immediately greeted by a friendly dog. Eventually the dog’s owner, a nice old man, told me how to get to Prineville. I made it to Prineville around noon and checked into the Rustler Inn because I was tired from the ride and the previous days hiking. I ate lunch at Dairy Queen and chilled at the motel watching Young Guns 1 and 2 on tv. I ate dinner at a Chinese restaurant around the corner. 

The next day, I checked out of the motel at 11. I went to the bike shop and got a tuneup because my gears had been skipping. The people at the bike shop were nice, and I signed the guestbook. I left the bike shop and went to a small park nearby and hung out there for a bit. I ate some mediocre pizza for lunch and then went back to the park. I was going to take a bus at 5 from Prineville to Dayville to skip some climbs, but around 4:30 I realized that the bus only runs on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I rode 7 miles to Ochoco Lake and stayed there for the night. It was a little loud there, but I figure it was karma for all the campground partying I did when I was younger. I decided to try to bike up Ochoco Pass, but when I saw the first hill, I wussed out and stuck my thumb out at a turn out below the hill. After an hour and a half, a nice dude named Arron and his girlfriend gave me ride in their truck. They dropped me off at the campground at the top of the pass, and I rode down the other side to Mitchell, Oregon. The ride down was fun and I think I hit 30mph at one point. Now I am staying at a cool hostel called “The Spoke’n Hostel” and using there wifi. The people here are very friendly. The Transamerica bicycle race started yesterday, and lots of them keep stopping by here. Supposedly, it is going to be crazy here with people coming in and out all night, so the people that run this place were nice enough to give me my own private room so I can get some rest.

Chillin at a park in Prineville, Oregon
Sunset at Ochoco Lake, Oregon
Spoke’n Hostel Mitchell, Oregon

Ochoco Lake, Oregon


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