Change of plans


I changed my plans a little bit. I stayed in Newport today and went on another test ride to make sure the bike was loaded properly and everything is secure. The new plan is to leave Newport at 6am tomorrow morning and then catch the bus from Eugene to Sisters, Oregon at 10am like I originally planned.



I’m making my final preparations today. Tomorrow, I am leaving Newport and headed to Eugene. I will be staying in Eugene tomorrow night. Wednesday morning, I am going to catch the greyhound to Sisters, Oregon. I decided to cheat a little since I am getting a later start then I wanted. I’m taking a bus over McKenzie pass, so I won’t have to do a big climb with lots of traffic on my second day on the road.

Still waiting…..

My frame finally arrived at the bike shop. Now, I’m waiting on a front rack. It should be there in the next couple days. I’m hoping to leave next Wednesday, May 31st, but depending on when my bike is all finished, that might be cutting it a little close.