Test Ride

I went on my first overnight bike trip last night. It was “supported” though because I met my folks at the campground, and they brought most of my gear. I still rode almost 30 miles which gave me an idea of my abilities and how many miles I should shoot for when I start my real journey. Next week I should have my touring bike all set up and I will go on another overnighter, but I will carry more of my own gear next time. That will be a better test.



Just talked to the guy at the bike shop, and they were finally able to order the frame I’ve been waiting for! That means I should have the bike ready to go sometime next week. If that happens, I will still be able to leave mid May like I was planning. I was worried for a second because last we spoke, there was a possibility that it wouldn’t arrive until right around when I want to leave, which would have set me back a week or two.

First blog post

USA mapSup. I started this blog so who every is interested can follow my travels. I’m going to be bicycling across the country starting in the middle of May (hopefully). This is the route I’m going take. I’ll be starting in Oregon and will be going to Maine. And that’s not necessarily where I will end either. If I’m having a good time, I will keep going to an as of yet unknown destination. (updated on 4/26/2017 changed map with new route)